World Amateur Golf Championships 2nd round Friday October 29th

Weather Suspension, Re-schedule, Competition cut to 54 holes
Only half of the teams could end their first two rounds, Denmark First

The second round of the World Amateur Championship started around 8:00am in both Buenos Aires Golf Club and Olivos Golf. Although it was raining from the early morning, was at 9:20am that the organization comitee decided to suspend for inclement weather and electric storm.

During those two hours of break most of the team went back to the club house for some drinks, food and chat. There was nothing they can do, until 11:30am when the competition started again.

The following five hours were not enough to let the 69 teams competing finish their round. Most of the time the golfer played under the rain, which from time to time was really heavy, and around 5:20 a new thunder suspended the competition, and this time for no return…

At this moment only 34 teams have completed their first two rounds, and as the competition was planned to split the teams in two categories after the first 36 holes, to determine which teams are ending in Buenos Aires Golf Club (top hal) and which are ending in Olivos (worst half) now the schedule has been re-planned.

The last information we heard around 7:00pm, was saying that the competition will play a total of 54 holes only, not 72 as originally planned.

So tomorrow all the team that hasn’t finish will go back to the clubs in which they were playing today to end their second round. After making all the corresponding scoring after te fisrt 36 holes completed of all the teams. The first hal will go to Olivos and play the first 9 of the last 18 holes, leaving Sunday for the last 9 holes in Buenos Aires Golf Club, and vice versa.

Another alternative is that the last 18 holes should be played in the BAGC for the top teams, and Olivos for the rest… in any casae, the only thing that appear to be clear is that the competition will be cut to 54 holes, and the last 18 (third and final round) will be played 9 on Saturday, and last 9 on Sunday.

A real pity as we all golfers know, weather is one of those things that are totally out of our control.

Meanwhile, Denmark (who completed their first 36 holes) appears first in the team leaderboard, a leaderboard that will not say much until the rest of the teams can equal the total number of holes played.

For live scoring click:

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